Nagaland : An Untouched Beauty

Nagaland : An Untouched Beauty

Nicknamed as the land of festivals: Nagaland is a picturesque state in the northeast part of the country and is one of the most beloved hill station tourist destinations in India.
With a pleasant climate almost all year round, Nagaland, the land of the Naga warrior clan, is located in Northeast India. Evoking a sense of mysticism and embellished with countless hills, it is a delight for those who visit this incredible state of Northeast India. Nagaland is a world apart, it is the "gateway to the heart of India".

An adventure travel experience through the hills, valleys and picturesque terrain will be a once in a lifetime trip! Nagaland is bounded by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh from the northeast, Manipur to the south and Assam to the west and the country of Myanmar to the east. Colorful costumes, spicy cuisine, pleasant weather, traditional villages, beautiful dance forms, and lyrical songs are all that define the northeastern state of Nagaland.

Talk about Nagaland and not to mention that the famous Hornbill Festival could happen? Music and dance are an intrinsic part of Nagas Life. Folk songs and ballads that praise bravery, beauty, love and generosity are passed down from generation to generation. The Hornbill Festival offers the best glimpses of Naga culture, crafts, and cuisine. Various tribes display their unique cultural assets during festivals. Music concerts and other entertainment activities keep the audience engaged in joy.

Must visit places in Nagaland

Khonoma Village

Covered in lush vegetation, this town boasts of dense forests that are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. With the rice terraces, waterfalls and mountains, the town attracts tourists.

Shilloi Lake

The lake is shaped like a human foot and is four meters deep, the holy child is believed to be resting in the lake, and it is a warning to people that the lake never gets too dry.

Dzukou Valley

With its sturdy bamboo brush, the area resembles a lush garden. This valley is breathtakingly beautiful. Lovingly called 'the valley of heavenly charm', it also boasts of streams, natural caves and rocks.

Kohima War Cemetery

It is a monument built in memory of the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their nation in World War II.

Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary

It is home to a varied fauna, including golden langur, Hoolock gibbon, palm civets, tiger, sloth bear, wild dog, flying squirrel, black stork, monitor lizard, python, etc.

Nagaland State Museum

The museum displays a rare collection of artifacts, belonging to various Nagaland tribes.

The tribes in Nagaland are known for making wonderful handicrafts like bamboo products, shawls, reeds, pottery, rugs, wooden objects, and musical instruments. The war dance, the bamboo dance and the Nazu festival are the center of attention of these tribes.

Don't judge the region based on some perceptions. Visit the region for yourself to experience it first hand. Plan your trip to Nagaland and experience the best of nature.


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  3. It is a great post and it is very informative. Nagaland is definitely an untouched beauty with beautiful landscape and rich culture.

  4. It is a great post and it is very informative. Nagaland is definitely an untouched beauty with beautiful landscape and rich culture.

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